Brunch at Sage Vegan Bistro Pasadena

The recently opened Sage Plant-Based Bistro & Brewery in Pasadena’s Hugus Alley is a great breakfast spot. As it’s fairly well-hidden from street view, and still new-ish, it does not get slammed with crowds like KitchenMouse, Real Food Daily or even Sage’s Echo Park location. 11AM on a Saturday, we were seated immediately and had the option of sitting inside or out on the patio. It’s super tranquil outdoors, with heaters for the cold or shade umbrellas for the sun. Take note that the green shade umbrellas WILL present a green tint in photos. 

For a perfect combo of sweet and savory, we shared the Tempeh Sausage Florentine and  the Chia French Toast. Americano with almond milk on the side. 



The Chia French Toast is very sweet and has a great crunch thanks to the granola. 


The Florentine was amazing. A ton of different flavors on one plate. The tempeh sausage was seasoned well, the hollandaise subtle, the biscuits hearty and the potatoes cooked perfectly- slight crunch on the outside, soft inside. My only complaint is that there may be a tad too much spinach. It does counter the spice of the sausage nicely, but held a little too much moisture. 


If you want an amazing no-wait breakfast, check out Sage Bistro in Pasadena.

Get there via Metro’s 180, 181 & 780 buses. Or walk there from the Memorial Park Metro Gold Line train station (7 min. walk). There’s also a bike rack within view of the patio.

Brunch menu: